How do I install kiosk screens?


The following are Wodify's instructions for installing your Keyboard Wall Mount and TV Display Screens.  These instructions are meant to support each manufacturer's product setup guides.  In the event of any discrepancies, please refer to the manufacturer's guide. 

  1. Find a space in your gym large enough for the width of your TVs
    • The TVs can be installed on concrete or drywall.  TVs can be mounted on drywall with wood or metal studs, but wood studs are preferred
    • The closer the TVs are to your entrance, the better
    • 55" TVs are typically 52" wide, so you'll need a space in your gym that is 104" wide (52*2=104) photo install1_zps86e731e6.jpg
    • If possible, choose an interior wall to mount your TVs so your CPU and wires can sit in a room behind it and hidden from view. The below image is the room behind the blue wall shown above. photo install2_zps077f83ec.jpg
  2. Install the Keyboard Wall Mount
    • The Keyboard Wall Mount comes in the below package containing the below parts:
  •  photo install3_zpscf0fb1d2.jpg   photo install4_zps14231435.jpg
    • IMPORTANT: The Keyboard Wall Mount should be installed at the center of the TV display and bottom of the Mount should be 33" from the floor photo install5_zpsf2483793.jpg
    • Mark holes for drilling, then drill mounting holes
      • Concrete
        • Mounting holes must be at least 3 1/8" deep
        • Use 3/8" drill bit
      • Drywall w/ Wood Studs:
        • Drill directly into studs
        • Use 3/16" drill bit
           photo install6_zpsdb08c9c2.jpg
      • Drywall w/ Metal Studs
        • Drill into Drywall, but NOT into the studs
        • Use WingIts fasteners, an Apache 3/4" drill bit, and #10 flat washers for wall mount photo install7_zps8c8b526c.jpg
        • Drill mounting hole, then insert WingIts fastener photo install8_zps5d9f86e8.jpg
        • Bolt the wall mount (for Metal stud installation, use bolts that come with WingIts fasteners and a #10 washer) photo install09_zps7304cae8.jpg   photo install10_zps09a3b5eb.jpg
      • Insert wall mount caps
         photo install11_zpscc515a22.jpg   photo install12_zpsd2fed9b7.jpg
  1. Assemble and Install the Keyboard
    • Fasten keyboard table to wall mount arm using four 4mm nuts photo install13_zpsdfcc67c5.jpg
    • Attach two wall mount arms to the installed Keyboard Wall Mount, as shown below
       photo install14_zps1145d7a6.jpg  photo install15_zpsc11876f4.jpg
    • Tighten the tension in the arms using the supplied allen wrench photo install16_zps049f1b7d.jpg
    • Wipe down keyboard table using supplied alcohol pad photo install17_zpsa4c4adc7.jpg  photo install18_zps687d1612.jpg
    • Attach the hand grip strip to keyboard table photo install19_zpsf4b34e29.jpg  photo install20_zps8c9d2d59.jpg
    • Attach 4 sticky pads to the back of the keyboard and attach to the keyboard table photo install21_zps0501494f.jpg  photo install22_zps5368f52d.jpg
  2. Install TV Wall Mounts
    • Remove TVs from packaging and lay flat, face down, on the ground
    • Remove TV Wall Mount from package photo install23_zps35397731.jpg
    • Apply TV Wall Mount brackets to the back of the TV
      • There are 4 mounting holes on the back of the TV; remove any screws or plastic caps to expose the mounting holes.
      • The TV Wall Mount kit comes with 3 sets of different sized bolts. Use only one set, depending on the TV
      • Use spacers to provide space for cables photo install7_zps8c8b526c.jpg 
    • If you are using a PC, one TV will need an HDMI cable attached, the other a VGA cable.  If you are using a Mac you will have 2 HDMI cables.  Attach one of the cables now.  
    • Locate position of the left TV Mount Wall Plate
      • Measure from bottom of the TV to the top of hook part of the hangar of the TV Mount bracket (as shown, the length is 19") photo install25_zpsd7df691d.jpg
      • The bottom of both TVs should be 2" above the Keyboard Wall Mount arm
         photo install27_zps0c816ca5.jpg
      • To the left of this point, measure half the length of your TV
      • Above this point, measure the length of your TV bracket hangar (in our example, 19")
      • This point is the center of your TV Wall Mount Plate if you are installing on a concrete or drywall with metal studs. Hold the wall plate against the wall.
        • For drywall with wood studs, locate the nearest stud and mount the center of the wall plate there
    • Level the mounting plate and mark off holes to be used for securing the wall plate
       photo install28_zps79e5dcf8.jpg
    • Drill mounting holes
      • Concrete
        • Use plastic concrete anchors to place in each hole
      • Drywall w/ Wood Studs
        • Drill 2" deep holes only into studs
      • Drywall w/ Metal Studs
        • Drill into Drywall, but NOT into the studs
        • Use Wingbits, Apache drill bit, and 10# washers to drill holes
        • Read above in step 2: Installing the Keyboard Wall Mount to learn more about using Wingbits for metal stud installation
    • Hang the TV on the TV Mount Wall Plate
      • Use two people to pick up the TV and hang on the wall plate
      • The TV will lock into plate once it is hanging on the wall plate
      • Position the TV as needed to properly align with the Keyboard Wall Mount. Pull the green plastic chord to unlock the TV in order to move it along the wall plate
         photo install29_zpsc8b4b9e2.jpg
    • The first TV is now hanging photo install30_zpsf47bc9f8.jpg
    • Repeat the above steps for the second TV
  3. Setup computer and hide cables
    • If using wireless internet, attach the antenna to your wireless network card on the back of your computer (Ethernet cable or a hard wired internet connection is preferred if available) photo install31_zps27f95562.jpg  photo install32_zpse4452325.jpg
    • If you placing computer behind the wall with the TV Mounts, take one TV off the wall and drill a hole large enough for the VGA /HDMI cable to fit through. Make sure the hole is directly behind a TV so it is hidden from view
       photo install33_zps1a3afcca.jpg
      • Put TV back on the wall
      • Feed all cables through the hole
    • Move computer to its location close to the TVs
    • Plug in TVs
    • Attach power chord, keyboard, mouse, HDMI, and/or VGA cables to the computer
       photo 47ab9721-f1cd-47f1-a921-463d7de0995d_zps0b69765f.jpg
    • For hidden computers, your setup should look similar to below: photo install35_zps32689f0b.jpg
    • Turn computer on. If computer is new, apply all Windows Updates.
  4. Adjust TV Settings
    • With the computer on, turn on TVs
    • Set the TV with the HDMI chord to the HDMI input
    • Set the TV with the VGA chord to the VGA input (PC Only)
    • Adjust TV resolution as needed
      • If screen still seems too wide, go to your TV menu, look for the Overscan option, and turn it off
    • Open an internet browser, log in to Wodify photo install36_zpse9cc50c2.jpg