Segment Recipes


Wodify's new segmentation feature allows you to isolate groups of individuals beyond just program name. We have listed just a few examples of segment options;

Age Specific

You can isolate specific age groups using the Demographic option. First, choose if this segment should include Athletes and/or Leads --> Choose Age from Demographic, and set an age parameter;

For example, if you want to include a list of athletes that may be in High School, use the rule to include between 13 and 18. For athletes above a certain age, use the rule to include that specific age range.

Athlete Status

You can isolate a group of athletes based on their account status. Choose Athlete Specific --> Status --> Select which statuses should be included. 

For example, you can include your On-Ramp athletes specifically (or whichever name your gym has adopted). Check off the On-Ramp status only. 

Lead Contact Date 

You can isolate a group of leads based on the last date they were contacted. Choose Lead Specific --> Last Contact --> Choose a set of relative or specific dates the lead was last contact.

For example, if you want to include a list of Leads that have not been contacted in over 6 months, choose the relative interval and add 180 days. Set this interval to auto update so that it will constantly update to include additional users. 

Staff Only 

You can isolate your staff, or specific roles. Choose Athlete Specific --> Role --> Check and roles that should be included. 

Tag Related

If you are utilizing the tagging feature, athlete and lead tags can be incorporated with segments. Please refer to this article that explains how to create a custom filter.